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Send data to a datagram socket
hb_inetDGramSend( <socket>, <cAddress>, <nPort>, <cBuffer> [, <nSize> ] ) -> nBytesSent
<socket> a socket previously created / opened
Returns number of bytes sent, or -1 on error
Sends a datagram (a fixed length data) to a determined ip address (cAddress, to be specified in quad-dot notation) and port.
If nSize is not specified, all the data in cBuffer will be sent; if nSize is specified, only the first nSize bytes of cBuffer will be sent.
There isn't any guarantee that all the data required to be written is really sent to the socket: the calling program should check for the numeric return and send iteratively the unsent data to complete the message.
Anyway, the raw datagram is sent and received as once, and any data less than the system datagram size will be sent and received as a single item.
If the socket is created in broadcast mode, the cAddress element can be a broadcast address.
Returns -1 on error, or the number of bytes actually sent on success.

This is Harbour specific