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Copy elements from one array to another




ACopy( <aSource>, <aTarget>, [<nStart>], [<nCount>], [<nTargetPos>] ) --> aTarget




<aSource> is the array to copy elements from.


<aTarget> is the array to copy elements to.


<nStart> is the beginning subscript position to copy from <aSource>


<nCount> the number of subscript elements to copy from <aSource>.


<nTargetPos> the starting subscript position in <aTarget> to copy elements to.




<aTarget> an array pointer reference




This function copies array elements from <aSource> to <aTarget>.


<nStart> is the beginning element to be copied from <aSource>; the default is 1.


<nCount> is the number of elements to be copied from <aSource>; the default is the entire array.


<nTargetPos> is the subscript number in the target array, <aTarget>,


to which array elements are to be copied; the default is 1


This function will copy all data types in <aSource> to <aTarget>.


If an array element in <aSource> is a pointer reference to another array, that array pointer will be copied to <aTarget>; not all subdimensions will be copied from one array to the next. This must be accomplished via the AClone() function.


Note: If array <aSource> is larger then <aTarget>, array elements will start copying at <nTargetPos> and continue copying until the end of array <aTarget> is reached. The ACopy() function doesn't append subscript positions to the target array, the size of the target array <aTarget> remains constant.




LOCAL nCount := 2, nStart := 1, aOne, aTwo
aOne := { "Harbour", " is ", "Power" }
aTwo := { "Clipper", " was ", "Power" }
ACopy( aOne, aTwo, nStart, nCount )








This is CA-Cl*pper v5.2 compliant




Library is core


See also

AClone(), ADel(), AEval(), AFill(), AIns(), ASort()